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Goodbye reactivity...Hello fun!

In just 30 days, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to prevent your dog from barking, lunging, and pulling on the leash, and you’ll have the tools and skills to confidently walk your dog…in any environment. It's time to ditch the stress, and start having more fun with your dog!

I'm Ready to Have More Fun with my Dog!

Training your dog should be fun...

And now, it can be. No more hour long training sessions teaching your dog to be "obedient". Instead, learn fun, and completely transformational games designed to take your dog's behavior from unruly and stressed out, to confident, happy and carefree.

And if you're worried that online training won't be effective...don't. Our trainers are there with you, every step of the way, checking in daily to make sure you get results.

The biggest reason people don't get results in helping turn their reactive dog around is...consistency.  

I get it. You can teach your dog to sit or lay down with what?...a couple of reps?  

But after your 10th attempt at those reactivity skills you've been taught, you've still not moved the needle.  

And the thing is, having a reactive dog can be downright frustrating. And embarrassing. I've totally been there.  

Scanning the neighborhood, hyper vigilant and on the look out in case a dog appears out of nowhere (even though your trainer told you to stay calm). Or psyching yourself up just to go for a walk, because your dog's outbursts are embarassing and a little scary.  

You know your dog's good side. And you want the world to see it. 

And now, they can.  

We've created a new kind of reactivity program designed to give your training, and your motivation a kick in the pants.  

We'll be in your corner, reaching out DAILY with simple (super fun) video lessons that will make training your reactive dog FUN. And we'll be checking in on your progress daily, coaching you every step of the way.  

So if you've got a reactive dog, and you are ready to start seeing real progress, and most importantly, if you're ready to start having more fun with your dog, click the link below to join us.  

Who this is for...

We created this bootcamp for those of you struggling with specific types of reactivity. This bootcamp is for you if you struggle with...

  • Barking, lunging, and/or pulling on leash around things like other dogs or bikers, joggers, or cars
  • Fence fighting with neighbor dogs or passersby
  • Barking or vocalizing at things while traveling in the car
  • Barking, lunging or unruly behavior when guests come over

Who this is NOT for...

If you are struggling with any of the following, we recommend seeking the advice of an in person behaviorist as the issues you are facing are outside of the scope of this course.

  • You want a quick fix for your dog's reactivity
  • Your dog is overly fearful and retreats/cowers/hides when exposed to a trigger  
  • Your dog has a bite history  
  • Your dog has been in a serious fight with another dog  
  • You are dealing with inter-dog reactivity/aggression inside of the home 
  • Your dog is not cleared for training due to health issues

What you'll get

Join us for one of the most comprehensive 30-day online workshops around.

Daily Coaching for a full 30 days, you'll get an email, a lesson, a video or a live chat to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Peer Support

Get access to our exclusive Facebook group (for life!) and share your journey with your peers, get your questions answered and get accountability to stay on track with your training.

Power Sessions

We've prepared a totally geeked out power session, where we'll unpack the topic of reactivity, so that you fully understand what is going on in your dog's head.

Training Videos

Get simple training videos, featuring fun games you can use to start building a better relationship with your dog, and turning that reactivity around.

Instructor Feedback

Share videos of your training for instructor feedback, or post your questions inside of the course to get support from our trainer. 

Lifetime Access

You'll get a LOT of information. But don't sweat it. You've got lifetime access to all of the course materials, so you can go at your own pace and revisit lessons as often as you'd like.

Bonus Resources

We'll share with you the latest research on reactivity, scholarly articles and enrichment resources and games to help round out your learning experience, and to give your dog the best chance at success. 

Easy Lessons

Reactivity can be stressful. But your training shouldn't be. Our program features super simple, and fun games you can play with your dog to start seeing a real difference in your reactivity.

What Our Clients Say

Hundreds of our clients (and their dogs!) experienced game changing results.

" It far exceeded any expectations I had. I guess the best thing was just having someone tell me every single day EXACTLY what I need to do to combat my dog's reactivity. Not to mention, Meagan is so knowledgeable and approachable - she really put so much effort into being available for us to ask questions to, and she had a different approach to any trainer I've spoken to before but it was life-changing. "

-Erin O.

"This bootcamp has made our relationship better. With my new understanding of reactivity and exactly how to handle it and what not to do, I have more patience and am more confident. I do not have to hide from other dogs or feel embarrassed if my dog reacts. I know all of this has made my dog happier too. "

- Christina

"The pace was such that I could keep up daily with the practical, easy to understand, and easy to learn lessons. It's the best on-line course I've ever taken. And I've taken a few!"

-Linda C.

" All too often on-line courses are token gestures: pay, post, and done deal. I figured if I learned one or two useful tips, it'd be worth it. But this Bootcamp far surpassed my expectations. I liked best the high level of commitment, the progressive training videos, the professional feedback from the instructor, the on-line technical support, and the clear sense of commitment to reactivity issues. This definitely was not a cookie-cutter training course--it was a sincere, thorough, and professional training series designed to help people understand and meet the needs of their dogs."

-Penny B.

The Collared Scholar Dog Training

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